Defeat your file transfer enemies!
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The Story

The Enemies

Adversaries surround you, thwarting your file transfers! Who are they?



Slug-Nash is trying to slow your file transfers! What can defeat him and his powers?



Vulnera-Bill wants your passwords and data. How can he be stopped?



Unreli-Abel stops or corrupts your files. Can he be defeated?

Your Weapons

Use these weapons to complete your mission and bring order back to your file transfer pipeline.


Slices through gooed and gunked up network conditions


Neutralizes attempts to jack sensitive information


Strike at corruptive forces before they can mess with files

Your Mission

Want to become a File Transfer Ninja? Here's what you need to do:

  • Contact Us

    Let us set you on the path

    Contact our knowledgable sales team, who will help you decide everything you need to conquer your file transfer enemies.

  • Test your ninjutsu

    With a free product demo

    Our team will provide you with a fully-functioning demo and all the support and training you can handle. As your file transfer enemies flee, you will be ready for the final step.

  • Become a Ninja

    By fully adopting the FileCatalyst way.

    Transition your demo instance(s) to fully-working production file transfer tools and never again fall to shaky networks, bad security, or poor reliability.

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